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Cebu Information, People, Places, Events

Welcome to CebuWatch.COM

visayas mapProviding you with relevant information about the province of Cebu, its Municipalities and Barangays. Know the people behind every development and activities around the province.

Check out the Maps section to familiarize yourself with the names and locations of the different places around Cebu.

Learn about the people, places and events around Cebu and take a peek at the different sceneries around Cebu including beaches, business areas, mountains, local festivities, schools, and various sites that make Cebu a truly unique and a wonderful place to be.

A large amount of information soon to be included in this site like churches, schools, restaurants, beach resorts, malls, and a good array of important places. A directory of relevant places, companies, stores, and establishments will also be featured soon to further provide you with additional detailed information.

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